The Tropic Punk Sustain - Sleepy Greenhouse (EP)
2011 / CDr - AD`026 (lim. 25ex.) inkl. Miniposter
2011 / Digital Download - AD`026

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Wenn die Gärtnerei im Heimatort einem grossen Bürogebäude weichen muss, dann ist das schon ein Grund zur Melancholie. Der Schweizer Thomas Fivian setzte diese als THE TROPIC PUNK SUSTAIN auf alten Synthesizern um in die Drei-Track-EP "Sleepy Greenhouse". Das ist Krautrock, der in die Berliner Schule ging. Herrlich einfach. Auflage 25CDRs.
(Bernd Sievers, ECLIPSED Nr. 130)

This hard to genre-lize music is simultaneously vintage and cutting edge, a theme dominating the underground right now. Where The Tropic Punk Sustain succeeds and others fail is in the quality of melodies these guys put forth. This is gorgeous music achieving a lot of depth and complexity of emotion without challenging the ear. There is a noticeable "sci-fi" feeling to this but there is certainly more to the picture in regards to influence and style.
(Joint Analysis, iTunes)

Acoustic Disaster is a small CD-R and sometimes vinyl, release label based in Switzerland that releases very special underground music. This CD-R is very limited to only 25 copies and features 3 tracks in 16mins. It comes in a sleeve with a full color cover and fold out insert with some pictures but no information. This is very special synthesizer music. I am not sure how to describe this..
(Scott's Music Reviews)