Psychotron - Ella Guru
2006/ LP - AD`010 (lim. 300ex)
2006 / CD - AD`010

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"...Pendelt vergnügt zwischen Bevis Front, 13th Floor Elevators und all diesen 60er "The" -Bands"

Psychotron is a Swiss underground band that plays rather strange, difficult to label, quite psychedelic guitar rock with warm sound. Before this full-length they have released some singles and EP's. I think that "Edweena", the first track on Ella Guru, is the best song on the album. They have also made a video of that song that is heavy and psychedelic blasting almost in stoner style in just two chords bringing to mind somehow even Vibravoid. The vocals are a little distorted which brings in some more extra kick to this very effective track. This rocks! Then the short "Daughter of Light" cools down the game for a while. "Out in the Dark" has a weird, little African sounding rhythm and at times it gets harder. The vocals are sort of funny, like on many other songs. The rather progressive "I Go Dizzy" is also a rather interesting song. Starting off peacefully in 9/8 time signature "Close Your Eyes" is a relatively nice track that occasionally gets close to stoner rock and 70's hard rock also including some solos. "Take Me Away" is a weird, monotonic number that gets heavier and sounds Irish somehow? "I Know Where the Evil Lies" is a combination of post rock and heavy psych with psychedelic human voices and some discords. The band's Captain Beefheart influences are clearly audible on the track "I Scream" that has pretty surrealistic lyrics. I think that "Drifting Clouds" is one of the best tracks on the album and it is pretty okay psych rock sounding at times a bit of Colour Haze. Towards the end the going gets quite wild! Then follows the bluesy "Brother Larry" and the shaky, little funky "No One's Land" that also has some organ. The album is finished with the more laid-back and weirdish "One of Those". Psychotron is an original and interesting band that at its best works very well but still doesn't belong to my favourites.