Aug. 17, 2014

SNARF - last release

Dear Friends
Dear Stoners, Doomers, Headbangers and Music-Lovers

We'll try do this in English…

Our beloved Chris (guitar and vocals) died on August 3rd. The gap which he leaves behind is enormous. We look back upon a 15 year old friendship filled with love, laughs and heavy music.
Chris finished mixing and mastering our new album KLABAT just before his death with endless passion. If you are interested in purchasing it, you can pre-order the CD here:
Or you can also write us a message. The album will also be available as digital download soon.
KLABAT will be our last release. The band SNARF no longer exists. We thank you for the support through all those years. Keep up the good memories!


Roman (drums) & Jonathan (bass)
Jean- Raphael (grafik)